My Vision, Mission and Objectives








1. My students will learn new skills and obtain new knowledge in a comfortable classroom environment where they can express themselves without fear.

2. My students will be imbued with the love of learning. They will be trained to be active, constructive and goal-oriented learners.

3. My students will be treated as individuals and will be given due respect and also learn to respect the

views of their peers.

I will take note that each student is a unique learner who deserves my love, attention, and respect.






1. To promote a learning environment that is active, constructive, collaborative, goal-oriented, investigative, and meaningful.

2. To encourage student-centered learning by allowing students to construct knowledge through their own investigations.

3. To establish a strong foundation for stimulating learning as a life-long process.

4. To promote analytical and critical thinking so that learners will acquire meaningful knowledge, not merely remember facts. New information is created when my students make a personal discovery.

So I will allow my students to undertake their own investigations to improve their understanding.

5. To promote active engagement and meaningful dialogue to guide learners whenever necessary.


My Objectives in Writing Teaching Philosophy Statements


To me, teaching is an art. Teaching and learning are facets of a creative and artistic performance. Each teacher has his or her own idea about how to facilitate learning. I believe that teaching is an amanah (trust) and a responsibility on my shoulders.

As a computer scientist, I need to keep my students updated with the latest developments in computer sciences, especially information and communication technology.

My task is to enable my students to have the necessary skills and knowledge so that they can make informed decisions and take the necessary action in real life situations.

Moreover, I want my students to share my enthusiasm for learning so that new skills and knowledge can be put to good use to improve the community.

Thus, writing my teaching philosophy statements is my way of sharing the joy and rewards of being an educator and, hopefully, fellow teachers would feel likewise.


Objective One

I want my students to understand the significance and relevance of ICT in their everyday lives.

To achieve this objective, I discuss the latest advancements in computer sciences so that my students are able to apply state of the art technology

in solving problems and sharing their knowledge with their friends.

I also aim to encourage input and feedback from my students regarding my course contents. In this way, I can make the necessary changes so that my teaching becomes relevant and meaningful to my students.


Objective Two

I am here to help my students make effective search in the electronic media so that they can access information easily and without frustration.

Furthermore, I show them the techniques of evaluating online information.

I also challenge them to critically evaluate and investigate current issues regarding computer science developments. Essentially, I provide my students with opportunities to acquire

new skills in information

and communication technology, and also to apply the needed information in their everyday lives.


Objective Three

I will help my students to understand that I.C.T is interconnected with their everyday lives, economically, culturally, and politically.

I train them to use I.C.T as a platform to prepare themselves for future careers.

I conduct classes in the industrial field so that they can apply what they have acquired in the classroom and get hands-on experience.


Objective Four

I believe that learning is a process in which my students must be actively engaged.

They will be given the opportunity to express themselves positively, fearlessly, and cooperatively so that free exchange of ideas can take place.


Objective Five

While my course contents are a tool to guide my students and make the teaching-learning process a mutually enjoyable one, my teaching techniques must also make students want to learn.

I want to arouse my studentsí curiosity and motivate them by surprising them with new things every time I enter my class. In this way they are not bored but are motivated instead.

Whenever I see their eager faces, I am too motivated as an instructor. I have practiced this teaching method successfully with my undergraduate and post graduate students.

It is a mutually rewarding experience.




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