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Daily Duas: Multimedia CD ROM


Dua Selepas Makan, Dua Sebelum Makan, Dua Mendengar Khabar Baik, Dua Bangun Dari Tidur, Dua Sebelum Tidur

Dua Selepas Minum, Dua Apabila Marah, Dua Berbuka Puasa, Dua Memohon Ilmu, Dua Keluar Dari Tandas

Dua Masuk Tandas


Arabic For All: Books


 Importance of the Arabic Language

Arabic Language is an important subject in our lives. It is a unique language and it is the language of Al-Qur’an. It’s benefits are tremendous for us, whether we are students, public figures or business people.  This "Arabic For All" series is designed as simple as possible. The rules of grammar are explained in the simplest possible terms and are illustrated with simple to understand examples.

Furthermore, the exercises in this series will reinforce the learning process and make the rules of grammar simple to remember.  These books are designed to facilitate the learning of Arabic grammar for all ages. It gives the learner a basic knowledge of the Arabic Language. It is expected that the students would make further efforts to improve his/her understanding of the language by referring to other sources of the Arabic Language.

In this series each lesson is clearly explained to make learning easier for the students. Also included are a variety of challenging exercises given at the end of each lesson in order to further strengthen the students understanding of that particular lesson. Insha’ Allah, students will find this Series a quick reference, handy, useful and beneficial.


Arabic Stories For Children book with audio



Topics covered:

I and my family, The new student, congregation solat, Eid , in the garden, The university, the hobby, the holiday, In the school, in the market, the hospital, the trust, with the doctor, in the library, the bicycle, the mother, our village, in the house, my life, in the shop, knowledge, reading..............


Arabic Conversation book with CD Audio





This Arabic conversation CD has been designed to help students, business people and travelers in improving their everyday communication skills. This CD consist of 20 lessons of selected topics. The vocabulary for each lessons enhances user's  understanding of the dialogue.


 Learn Arabic from Al-Quran and Hadith: Book

Bahasa and English-Arabic




Learn Arabic Multimedia CD ROM




This multimedia interactive Arabic Learning CD covers 20 topics. The CD has been designed to ensure efficient and effective learning through visual clues, sound and large Arabic wordings. Exercises and tests further reinforce the learning.

Learn Arabic  [computer CD] ;  

 Baby's Early Smart Steps In Learning Arabic

Multimedia CD ROM



Stimulate your Muslim baby in three languages: Arabic, Bahasa and English. Early visual and auditory stimulation will set the foundation for later language development. This program has been designed as 19 units with large words as flashcards in Arabic,  English and Bahasa. These first 20 words will give your baby a jumpstart in language. Each unit is only 30 seconds to 3 minutes and thus is short enough to ensure your baby’s full attention. Baby’s Early Smart Steps in Language Development [computer CD] 


Daily Duas Multimedia CD ROM





Daily Duas [computer CD]  Ages 4 - 99,   All pictures of people are headless. No music.  15 lessons  with separate vocabulary of Arabic

meanings in English or Malay.  Learn new Arabic words, memorize the  15 duas and understand their meaning.


 Smart Steps In Learning Arabic Language Level 1-2

Multimedia CD ROM




This interactive Arabic conversational CD has been designed to help students, business people

and travellers in improving their everyday communication skills.

This CD consist of 20 lessons of selected topics.

The vocabulary for each lessons enhances user’s 

understanding of the dialogue.

Speak Arabic. Multimedia CD ROM





Islamic Clip Arts: CD


This Islamic ClipArt  CD is a complete collection of original photos and drawings for adults and children. It contains a collection of more than 4,500 original photos of high resolution which can be copied, resized and edited with any software. They can be printed out as a postcard at a photo studio or on home printers. Children can print the black outline drawings to colour.


Islam For Little Muslims Multimedia CD ROM





This CD covers 23 short basic topics  about: 

Al-Quran, Sunnah, Muslim, Hadith, Companions, 

Iman, Islam, Halal, Haram, Zakat, Solat and so on...


99 Names Of Allah, Multimedia CD ROM



Ages 4 - 99

No images of people or animals. No music.  This is CD is specifically designed with memorization sections to facilitate memorization and  understanding the meaning of each name.  10 lessons allow systematic learning of the 99 Names of Allah..


 Solat Untuk Semua Multimedia CD ROM




Solat Subuh, Solat Zuhur, Solat Asar, Solat Maghrib, Solat Isyak


Mari Kita Bersolat: Mini Poster with Audio CD


8 Mini Flip Posters

Niat Solat, Solat Subuh, Solat Zuhur, Solat Asar, Solat Maghrib, Solat Isyak, Termasuk CD Audio


Science and the Quran: Multimedia CD ROM




Light from the Moon

Lowest Part of the Earth

Mountains are holding up our earth

Barriers between the oceans

What Holds up the Sky?

What is the Shape of the Earth?


 I Love Science CD ROM, Video Documentary




Trees, Birds, Plants, Animals, Vegetables, Water, Farm, Fruits


My First and Second Mathematics Multimedia CD ROM


Counting 1-2-3,  Sequencing, Matching, Writing numbers, Activities,

Colouring, Exercises, Addition, Shapes, Pattern, Small, Big, Short, Long..


High quality Arabic Posters


 Arabic Verb Form Poster




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