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About The Book

This book categorically outlines concepts, theories, models and effective planning of course designs, which can be readily adapted to any classroom so that teachers and educational instructors can use the guidelines in the multi-cultural classroom. A Guide to Effective Teaching helps teachers to design and plan systematically so that a viable course of action can be taken to achieve effective teaching and learning. This book also presents graphically the skills needed by teachers to design a flexible course format that suits all types of learners in their classrooms.


This book is aimed at helping teachers in the following:


1.         Designing a workable courseware.

2.         Drawing a road map for teachers in classroom management.

3.         Preparing useful lesson materials for instructors.

4.         Updating and equipping teachers with the necessary competencies.

5.         Using the state of the art paradigms of learning in the classroom.

6.         Integrating technologically advanced devices in the classroom lesson.

7.         Designing a physical classroom based on documented evidence.


Published By:

USIM Publisher, Universiti Sains Islam Malaysia,  2012




A Guide To Effective Teaching and Effective Learning 2018





Pedoman Mengajar Efektif

 Published and Translated in Bahasa Indonesia 2017





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